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Dedicated Support Technician

Every single one of our clients is assigned their own dedicated support technician based on their activity timeframes. You get super fast response times, from someone who understands you.  And every single one of our support staff is a trained technician.  This way you get the fastest, most comprehensive assistance you can get anywhere.


Cost is often at the forefront of most people’s concerns.  We don’t believe in skimping on the power, but we do believe that we can offer that power at lower cost.  So we have.  Our offerings meet the performance levels of our peers, while making sure to be the better price wherever we can.  Our goal is to be the best you can get, without breaking the bank.

Industry Standards

There are certain thigns that you expect from a hosting provider these days.  99.9% uptime, completely SSD storage, fast response times, and leading hardware stacks.  We offer all of this, and strive to improve our offerings day in and day out.  If you see room for improvement, let us know and if it get’s implemented, you get rewarded with account credit.

Peace of Mind, In a Scary World

Weekly VPS Backups

Included in all VPS plans is a weekly, secured, offsite backup of your system to ensure that in the event of catastrophic data loss, you aren’t set back to square one.

Storage Integrity

Storage is always setup, at all levels possible, in RAID 10 format to protect your data integrity against hardware failure.  Reset easy knowing your data is as it should be.

24/7 Security Monitoring

More and more bad actors are out there these days.  We have engineers monitoring our network 24/7 for any suspicious activity, ready to protect you from it.


Location matters when choosing a hosting provider for you infrastructure or website.  We are live in the Eastern US region, with three more locations in construction accross the US and European regions, with an additional three locations planned in the Asian and European regions.

Node Locations

Payment Flexibility

We believe business is done on an individual basis, so we’ve made sure our payment options fit your needs, whatever they may be.  Paypal, all major credit or debit cards, and a range of cryptocurrencies are all available for your payment needs.  Why worry about payment method, when you’ve got other things to focus on.

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