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Need help deciding on what service is best for you, have general questions, or just want to talk before ordering? Reach out to us!  We’re always here to help.

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Issues don’t have a sense of time or care as to when they happen.  That’s why we are always here for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a resller API?

Currently no.  We are working on this and will be rolling this out in the coming weeks for your convenience.

Do you offer higher spec servers?

Right now we do not offer anything outisde of what is available on our services page.  We are working on rolling out additional services in the coming months, you can follow our blog for updates on this as we  have them.

Do you offer Windows Server Installations?

Yes we do! Currently they are on request, and we have to manually install them but they are soon to be a part of our automation system.  We’ll update you on our blog when this happens.

Can I test your network speed?

Absolutely!  All you have to do is sign up and request a test server.  You’ll be allowed to use it for 24 hours to test our network out. 

Still Can’t Decide?

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee makes sure you are protected, but if you need to evaluate us further, contact us for a trial server to give us a try for 24 hours to see if we meet your expectations.