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Gigabit Speeds

Your business apps need speed.  Our 1GBps network, featuring multiple transit providers and routes to offer network redundancy, allows you to rest easy knowing your critical infrastructure hums along at blistering speed.  

Uptime Guarantee

Combining our robust network infrastructure, high availability clusters, and redundant power routes guarantee your services are live.  From the hardware to the network, we’re designed to give you 99.9% uptime.

Management Simplicity

All our services come with an easy to use management interface featuring system monitoring, power options, OS installations, Firewall Rules, and other common tools.  For what isn’t built in, use the provided SSH console.

Weekly Snapshots

Even with all of the protection we have built in, backups are still king.  We offer weekly snapshots of your VPS if disaster strikes, whether on our end or if a wayward developer makes a catastrophic mistake.  

SSD Storage

We use enterprise grade SSD storage throughout our infrastructure, at all levels.  This ensures that you get the fastest disk performance possible at all levels of your service.


Unlimited Transfer

Why pay simply to send data back and forth? Ditch the transfer limits, and scale your business without scaling your cost.  Especially useful for VPN and other high traffic applications.

Optimized Performance

KVM makes sure you get the best performance built in, but what about shared resources? We ensure your peformance by leveraging our full cloud to balance every aspect of your service.

Optional Features

Added Value to Give You Flexibility 

Additional IPv4

Sometimes you need more than a single IPv4 address to meet your needs.  All services come with the option to purchase additional IPv4 allocations so that you can run your apps as you need.


Expand Your Resources

Our Platinum plan not enough for you? Don’t need a full dedicated server? We can set you up with a custom VPS to meet your needs.  Just contact us to get started.

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