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Security First

Your wsbsite is the link between you and your audience.  It has to be secure. We make that easy.  Daily security scans and included SSL traffic encryption give you a solid founation of security to hit the ground running with confidence.


Unmetered Traffic

Why pay simply to send data back and forth? Ditch the transfer limits, and scale your business without scaling your cost.  Especially useful for high traffic blogs and E-Commerce sites.

Management Simplicity

All our services come with an easy to use management interface featuring system monitoring, security alerts, backups, email accounts and other common tools.  Powered by both our in house control panel and the industy leading solution, cPanel.

Free Backups

Even with all of the protection we have built in, backups are still king.  We offer weekly backups of your website in case disaster strikes, whether on our end or if a wayward developer makes a catastrophic mistake.

Uptime Guarantee

Combining our robust network infrastructure, high availability clusters, and redundant power routes guarantee your services are live.  From the hardware to the network, we’re designed to give you 99.9% uptime.

Optimized Performance

Say goodbye to worrying about noisy neighbors.  Our infrastructure is engineered to prevent this thoguh a combination of utilization capping our infrastructure so that there is always spare in case of a burst in need, and a fluid infrastructure design allowing for fast and invisible transfers with no downtime in the event there is a performance bottleneck.

Optional Services

Let us take some of the workload off you

Design & Development

Building the perfect site is hard.  We can help.   Select the amount of development you need, answer a quick form for some basic information and we’ll get you paired up with a designer/development to get your site professionally built.


Website Management

Don’t have tim to maintain or manage your website? Aren’t sure how to? Do you need regular site updates rather than one off changes?  We’ll be your team.  It’s like having a professional developer, designer, and manager on your staff, just without the salary that normally goes with them.

Migration Services

Already have a WordPress site somewhere else? We’ll move you from your current hosting to us at no charge, if you need help with that.  Nice and simple, no complications or explanations needed here.

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We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on our WordPress services.  No questions asked.   You have nothing to lose, so come see why we’re your perfect solution today.